Hello, I’m Katie and I know all of your florist life secrets… hehe because I too am a florist and have been one for nearly my whole adult life. 

I know you’ve eaten stale biscuits late at night while finishing off the last few buttonholes, I know about that one time you dropped a brides bouquet face down on the wet concrete floor, I know about the countless times you’ve shouted at flowers for either opening too fast or not opening at all. I know about that weekend you took on way too much work and too little staff and all the things you learned from that experience. I know there are certain botanical names that will forever slip your mind and you don’t know why, like petals blowing away in the wind, poof there it goes. 

I've lived it all, the ups & downs, the struggles, the passion and that's why I am here, sharing my drawings with you

Let’s go back...

To the one spring day in 2018, where I kneeled down on my living room floor where the light shone perfectly and I painted a purple sweet pea. It was the first time I painted in just short of a decade. I stood up, took a gulp of tea and said ‘huh, that was fun’.  

And down the curious path of art making I tread and typical to my impatient self, I spent the rest of the year rather frustrated because I knew there was something I was supposed to be drawing & telling stories about but I didn’t know what or quite how. 

I was working part time in an office & freelancing for a wedding florist through this experimental period of painting, line art & digital illustration. But then I went back to working at the flower shop I trained in many years ago. 

And while I was walking home after a long cold day at work, the idea came to me and I giggled to myself. Giggles: my one true litmus test on whether an idea should be brought to life. I started drawing the ‘Becoming a Florist’ story as soon as I got home. Each picture depicted something that only florists really know about and truly understand.

I remember clicking the share button on insta and thinking ‘well that was fun, I think at least one other florist will get it’ I didn’t think it would get sooo much love and omg, then I realised I’d found my story to tell. What being a florist entails and the collision of being a human and a florist, a creative person. 

Since then I’ve been drawing about being a florist, touching on the funny, the passion, the crazy love for flowers & the chaos that comes with it. And as a florist, I find it important to be reminded of my humanness especially when it comes to asking for help and accepting help with the gentle reminder, 'no florist is an island'.

In Autumn 2019, I was hit with another idea, this time in the shower while belting out some Kate Bush, I jumped out to scribble down ‘florist confessions’. And I made the snap decision to make it a 30 day project. Each day I posted a drawing from my own experience and I’d never before felt so much dedication to my daily drawing practise and such a connection to my followers. It was life changing.

All of these things have lead me to being a storyteller. Making others laugh and feeling seen with sighs of reliefs is my calling. There is nothing I’d rather be doing. 

I’ve created this new shop to mark the start of the next chapter I’m coining it ‘make big flowery shit happen’. Stay tuned, by signing up to the 'Petal Power' letters & following along on insta. 

Thank you for being here, for supporting my art journey so far, I vow to continue to create in support of your flowery one.